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Some things only improve with age. Our ‘Vintage Collection’ is timeless in its aesthetic and composition, forever relevant, impactful and effective.

The eternally enduring range has remained a firm favourite for 21 years, used by quintessentially British brands Burberry, Barbour and Kent and Curwen, no slouches themselves in the fusion of tradition and modernity.

And Vintage was ahead of its time in sustainability – environmentally friendly papier-mache bust forms from the collection are produced in cream cotton calico distressed and stained using a secret, eco-friendly formula to deliver classic colours with striking tones – even more compelling today.

The revamped, celebratory collection boasts a fresh contemporary edge that is relevant to new retailers whilst retaining its timeless charm. The all-encompassing set of customisable accessories, can be used as stand-alone display pieces or to sit in perfect harmony with the Vintage Collection bust forms.

Our neck forms, scarf necks, covered heads and padded arms are upholstered with the same aged, distressed fabric used to create our Vintage Collection bust forms. The classic colourshave become our trademark, with their unique tones and pigmentation.

In addition to upholstered accessories, the collection includes items composed of light/dark wood stain, polished brass or cast metal, such as hat blocks, bangle bars, hat domes, and bag and jewellery presenters. We also offer a number of base design options with interchangeable tops that form unique display pieces.

For more details on this range, please contact our sales team on +44 (0) 208 522 3000 or email info@proportion.london.

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