Different types of mannequins for your store

Whether you are planning a trade show display or showcasing new products for your store, mannequins will be a big part of your visual merchandising strategy. Mannequins come in a range of different shapes and forms, so the decision on which best suits you can be overwhelming. 

Proportion London are here to help with this handy guide on the different types of mannequins that are available to hire or purchase.

Full-body mannequins

Perhaps the most obvious type of mannequin is the full-body mannequin. These can be male, female or child and, as the name suggests, include the whole body. Depending on your preference, they can include the head or finish at the neck.

There is a lot of choice when it comes to full-body mannequins. They can be standing or seated, and natural or posed, depending on what you’d prefer for your store. Seated mannequins are a great option if you’re looking to add some dimension into your store, and their relaxed appearance can create more of a lifestyle feel to the space.

Child mannequins usually come at the height of an average 8-year-old child, perfect if you are a childrenswear store or want to showcase your line of kids clothing.

You can also get plus-sized and pregnant mannequins to ensure that your entire customer base is represented and will be able to envision what your clothes will look like on their body-type. 

Flexible mannequins

Similar to posed mannequins, flexible mannequins allow you to get more creative with your displays. Standard mannequins don’t tend to have moveable parts, but flexible mannequins allow you to move the model into different poses.

These are ideal for stores that sell sportswear, as you are able to manipulate your mannequins into different poses to showcase how your clothes will look during different sports (think tennis, football or athletics).

Combination mannequins

Combination mannequins are made out of a combination of different materials. At Proportion London, our combination mannequins are usually made out of fabric (torso and part of the legs) and fibreglass or wood. Our combination mannequins are similar to flexible mannequins, in that they can have wooden arms that are able to move and bend, however they aren’t as easy to manipulate into different positions as flexible mannequins are.

Mannequin parts

Mannequin parts offer the flexibility to showcase specific areas of the body, without requiring the space for a full-body mannequin. For instance, mannequin feet are ideal models to draw attention to shoes, boots, socks, or even decorative anklets. The lifelike representation of the legs/ feet allow customers to envision how footwear would look when worn, helping to facilitate their decision-making process. 

Similarly, mannequin arms provide an ideal platform to exhibit gloves, bracelets, bangles, or rings, allowing customers to visualise how these accessories would complement their overall ensemble. 

By strategically utilising mannequin parts, retailers can create visually captivating displays that focus attention on specific products and enhance the presentation of their merchandise. 

Bust Mannequins 

Bust mannequins, also known as dress forms, are traditional-looking mannequins that represent the upper portion of the human body. They typically consist of a headless, armless, and legless torso that extends from the neck or shoulders down to the waist or hips. Bust mannequins are designed to display and showcase clothing, particularly tops, dresses, jackets, and other garments that primarily cover the upper body.

These mannequins are commonly used in retail stores, fashion design studios, and garment production facilities as visual aids to showcase clothing items. They can also help customers or designers visualise how the garments will fit a human body. Bust mannequins are available in various sizes, shapes, and materials to cater to different clothing styles and target markets.

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequins provide a unique, practical solution for showcasing clothing items. They are designed to create a seamless appearance, ensuring that the focus remains solely on the garments themselves. By cleverly concealing the mannequin within the clothing, a ghost mannequin enables customers to have a more accurate visual of how the clothes might look when they wear them.

The primary function of a ghost mannequin is to give the clothes a 3D shape, replicating the natural contours of the human body. This allows customers to gauge the fit, cut, and overall appearance of the garments, as if they were wearing them. By eliminating the distraction of a visible mannequin, the focus shifts entirely to the clothing’s style, fabric, and details. This approach is particularly beneficial for e-commerce retailers, as it helps to showcase the clothing in a realistic manner, enhancing the online shopping experience.

At Proportion London, we are able to create bespoke paper mache busts and cut them in a way so that once the clothes are on the mannequin, it is completely hidden. These are popular with our museum clients, as they allow the fabric to be the main showpiece. 

Face Mannequins

Face mannequins are specifically designed to replicate the facial features of a human being, providing a realistic canvas for makeup application and various beauty techniques. By using face mannequins, cosmetics stores can create captivating displays that effectively highlight their product offerings and allow customers to visualise the transformative effects of different makeup looks and skincare routines.

For beauticians and makeup artists, face mannequins can also serve as valuable training aids. These mannequins offer a consistent and reliable platform for honing their skills, experimenting with different techniques, and exploring innovative makeup trends. By practising on face mannequins, professionals can perfect their skills and develop their signature styles before applying makeup on real clients.

Face mannequins also prove useful for beauty product demonstrations. Cosmetics stores can use these mannequins to apply and display various makeup products, skincare routines, or facial treatments. By showcasing the before and after effects on the face mannequins, customers can observe the transformative power of different beauty products and visualise the potential results on their own faces.

How Proportion London can help

Proportion London offer a range of different full-body, bust and part mannequins, as well as easy-to-assemble garment rails available for hire and to buy. The hire service is typically used for pop-up retail, display windows, press shows, exhibitions and events. We can deliver hire equipment with 48 hours’ working days notice, subject to availability. Take a look at our different collections that are available for purchase. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements.

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